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University of Texas at Austin Bars

Here are all the bars near University of Texas at Austin
Cactus Cafe photo
Cactus Cafe  (0.38 mi)
2247 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX
Posse East photo
Posse East  (0.43 mi)
2900 Duval Street
Austin, TX
Hole in the Wall photo
Hole in the Wall  (0.48 mi)
2528 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX
Cain and Abel's photo
Cain and Abel's  (0.57 mi)
2313 Rio Grande St.
Austin, TX
The Cloak Room photo
The Cloak Room  (0.70 mi)
1300 Colorado St.
Austin, TX
Charlie's photo
Charlie's  (0.76 mi)
1301 Lavaca St.
Austin, TX
Trudy's Texas Star photo
Trudy's Texas Star  (0.81 mi)
409 West 30th Street
Austin, TX
The Tavern photo
The Tavern  (1.02 mi)
912 W. 12th Street
Austin, TX
Club de Ville photo
Club de Ville  (1.09 mi)
900 Red River St.
Austin, TX
Brown Bar photo
Brown Bar  (1.14 mi)
201 W. 8th Street
Austin, TX
Nasty's photo
Nasty's  (1.18 mi)
606 Maiden Ln.
Austin, TX
Bull McCabe's photo
Bull McCabe's  (1.18 mi)
714 Red River St.
Austin, TX
Victory Grill photo
Victory Grill  (1.18 mi)
1104 E. 11th Street
Austin, TX
Room 710 photo
Room 710  (1.19 mi)
710 Red River Street
Austin, TX
Roaring Fork Saloon photo
Roaring Fork Saloon  (1.20 mi)
701 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX
Stephen F's photo
Stephen F's  (1.20 mi)
701 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX
Red Eye'd Fly photo
Red Eye'd Fly  (1.20 mi)
715 Red River
Austin, TX
Mugshots photo
Mugshots  (1.21 mi)
407 E. 7th Street
Austin, TX
Elysium photo
Elysium  (1.22 mi)
705 Red River Street
Austin, TX
Firehouse Lounge photo
Firehouse Lounge  (1.23 mi)
605 Brazos Street Suite 100
Austin, TX

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